Sam Minden (they)


Sam Minden (They/Them) is a Second Year Graduate Student completing a Master of Arts in East Asian Studies. Their specific focus is on the cultural history of the mid-Song Dynasty, with a specific focus on using literary and philosophical works to discuss historical events and see how they reflect the anxieties and feelings of their time. Despite this, Sam has a great passion for history, literature, and theatre from around the world, beyond just their focus of study, and is always excited to explore new areas of study. While Sam does not usually partake in theatre, they have been obsessed with it in all its forms from an early age and are thrilled to be in this production of Mary Magdelene. Sam's previous roles include Cassius in Julius Caesar (2013 Abelard School Production), Banquo in Macbeth (Shakespeare Summer Camp), and The Pirate King in Gilbert & Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance (2009 The York School Production).